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Who are we?

Consortia is a recruitment agency that really understands the needs of clients, candidates skills and creates talent pools of the best applicants in specialist recruitment markets. Consortia's team of specialist recruitment consultants source permanent and contract experts across Europe and further afield.

The business, as a niche recruitment consultancy by job type, recruit across all industries and company size from cutting edge startups recruiting contract IT developers solving unique coding challenges through to hiring UX designers for global consultancies working on enterprise solutions.


Whole of market not active job seekers

The perfect candidate is rarely sitting at home or work waiting for the phone to ring and each recruitment teams huge candidate pools give Consortia clients access to the best candidate not just an available candidate.

The depth and knowledge of these candidate pools are the strength behind Consortia's recruitment ability. Every relationship, introduction, referral and applicant is captured on one of the world's most sophisticated recruitment systems.In markets notoriously hard for recruitment consultancies to source exceptional talent in, the knowledge of the candidates skills and passive market give Consortia the advantage in sourcing the best.




CRM Systems

  • Business Analysts, Project Managers, Developers, Consultants & Managers

Product Management Recruitment

  • Product Managers, Product Owners, Product Directors & Product Senior Appointments

Business Intelligence & Data Visualisation Recruitment

  • Developers, Analysts, Consultants, Architects, Project Managers & Senior Appointments,

User Experience Recruitment

  • Researchers, Designers, Architects, Consultants & Senior Appointments

IT & Development Recruitment

  • Developers, Architects, Project Managers, Consultants & Senior Appointments

Analytics Recruitment

  • Analysts, Administrators, Consultants, Developers & Senior Appointments


  • understood UX from top-to-bottom and inside out and this meant I trusted him to represent me and help me secure the right opportunity.

  • really understands the types of organisations and their approaches to UX that are appropriate to you.

  • he is the go-to contact for UX contracts. He is knowledgeable about the marketplace, the opportunities and realistic about it all.

  • always represented my interests professionally and successfully ... where there have been issues he has stepped in and resolved matters swiftly, with no fuss.

  • hired him and three other recruitment agents to find two senior UX Architects in London. He stood out as being the most knowledgeable and hard working of the bunch. His tenacity and personable nature stood out and he found many more good candidates than the other agents and eventually the two we chose were both his candidates.

  • I have worked with him and Consortia to fill 3 critical positions in my organization. In all cases he was able to provide good solutions and in a very short period of time, delivering resource solutions in as little as two weeks. Highly recommend him and Consortia for your staffing needs.

  • They’re working really hard for me, and are easy people to do business with. I think they’re able to put in more effort as a smaller agency and be far more targeted. Where larger agencies seem to play a numbers game and fire CVs at you with a scatter gun, the people at Consortia have taken the time to understand my team's needs, which gives me more time to concentrate on interviewing and supporting my team.

  • Daniel, and the whole Consortia team, really took the time to understand the role and more importantly the culture of our company.

  • I always felt CVs had been reviewed thoroughly before being sent with the result that after only a small number of interviews we secured a really excellent candidate.

  • Having worked with many agencies over the last 5 years, Tom is now our first call when we have a permanent position to fill and we look forward to working with him in the future.

  • I have found Tom professional and accurate in his approach. He has always provided me with candidates to specification and of a high quality.

  • He got me to think about the business in the wider context and what information the directors would want to hear from me. You don’t often get this level of service from other recruiters.

  • He communicated to me the information I needed on the job and company which helped me secure the role in the end.

  • Since starting my new role he has kept in touch to make sure I am happy and that everything is going as smoothly as hoped.

  • I really admired his ability to highlight the perfect employer for me based on my skills, current circumstances and position.

  • The opportunities he introduces are specific to my skills and often opens up new domains for me to work in. He always gives feedback and keeps regularly in touch with updates.

  • He recently placed me for the 2nd time and has been keeping regularly in touch once I had started the job.

  • I will always recommend Tom to anyone who is looking for a new position within Business Intelligence.

  • He quickly understood my situation and what I was aiming for and offered me the right jobs for my skills, knowledge and aspiration

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