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Whether you’re a professional Developer or just someone who loves to code, with so many networking events, meet-ups and hackathons on offer, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and miss out on the action! To help whittle it down, we’ve listed our top picks of events coming up in Bristol, London and Oxford over the next few months.

1. Women Who Code

What: WWCode are a professional community of women who are part of a global non-profit organisation. Over 80,000 women have connected and had the opportunity to become part of an environment for networking, gaining new skills and honing their existing skills for advancement in the technology industry. Look out for hack events, talks with leading industry experts in tech and technical study groups.

When: Meet-up dates depend on your location

Where: Check the website for you local group meet up info

Cost: Free

Extra Info: Coders of all levels are welcome! -


2. Code Hub’s Hack night & JavaScript 101’s

Code Hub host regular meet-ups and workshops for Developers of all levels to code, share and learn. They run fortnightly hack nights and JavaScript 101’s in Bristol.

Bristol Hack Night:This hack night is the chance surround yourself in a social environment whilst either developing your solo project, pairing up to work on a project and learning something new together, or using the time to work through online coding challenges.

When: April 11th 

Where: Momentum Financial Technology Office

Cost: Free 

Extra Info: People of all abilities are welcome to join the hack night, food and drink provided.

JavaScript 101: A place for people to learn JavaScript, sometimes with short talks, this meet up is primarily about working on projects (whether that is on your own or in a group) and coding challenges.

When: Fortnightly on a Tuesday morning, 10am – 1pm

Where: Beatroot Café, 20 – 21 Lower Park Row, BS1 5BN, Bristol 

Cost: Free 

Extra Info: All skill levels are welcome! 


3. Sub group: Hackamorphism

Another night for JavaScript in Bristol– this is for anyone who is interested in using or discussing JS in an environment of like-minded people.

When: April 4th at 6pm

Where: Bristol, Location address is for members only, RSVP to get the info!

Cost: Free

Extra Info: The event is held monthly, the next meet up is on May 2nd -


4. Simpleweb Challenge Hack night: Secrets   

Simpleweb are partnering with PixelPin for this Hack night and asking those that attend to create a working prototype or concept for apps around the theme of ‘secrets’.  This is a fun opportunity to explore ideas for confidentiality, whether that’s something to keep secrets between you and friends, work related, or a way to keep hackers out. Not only developers are invited, any creatives or business driven people can come along!                                               

When: April 5th at 6.15pm

Where: Hanover Place, Bristol, BS1 6XT

Cost: Free

Extra Info: They start the night with homemade food; there are prizes for the best idea and best working prototype, teams of up to 3 and 3 hours to complete the challenge -


5. Quantum Computing Meet-up

What: Speakers from the field of Quantum Computing workshops where computer programmers from outside of the field can learn about and pair program quantum algorithms and emulators.

When: TBC

Where: London - TBC

Cost: Free

Extra Info:


6. Codecademy

What: An all-day event for everyone to practice coding together; register to Free Code Camp before you attend the event to access the projects that will be worked on.

 When: April 15th from 10am – 8pm

Where: citizenM, 6 Holywell Lane EC2A 3ET, London 

Cost: Free

Extra Info:


7. Kaggle

What: This is a group for anyone wanting to get involved in Kaggle competitions and a way to meet people from the data science community. Every few months hack days will be held, centred on joining forces to enter the Kaggle competitions, monthly meet ups will also run to discuss the latest ideas within Data Science and any relevant topics.

When: Check the website for dates and times

Where: Moss House, 15–16 Brooks Mews, London, W1K 4DS

Cost: Free 

Extra Info: There are lots of regular meet ups outside the hackdays, head to the website to find out more -


8. West London Hack Night 

What: This meet up holds regular evenings for programming challenges in West London. The upcoming night plans to spend 90 minutes getting stuck in to a coding challenge to stretch skills and bring like minded people together. 

When: April 6th

Where: 5th Floor, Hammersmith Bridge Road, W6 9EJ, London 

Cost: Free 

Extra Info: Pizza and drinks are provided and any level of ability is welcome -


9. Code Dojo          

What: Code Dojo is group of Software Developers who get together every month to play, learn or improve on their coding skills. The most recent event focused on 3 half hour rounds of working on a Code Kata, other meet ups include practicing clean code, software craftsmanship, pair programming and test-driven development.

When: Monthly, check their meet up website for upcoming dates 

Where: London, but the location is only available to members

Cost: Free

Extra Info: Food and drink provided! -


10. In With The Old, Out With The New – Auriens Hackathon

What: 48 hours of hacking to find ways to improve the quality (and quantity!) of life for the older generation and the next – the objective is all about creating new ideas, from healthcare to fashion, it’s a time to get innovative and break ideals surrounding old age!

When: April 28th 6.30pm, April 30th 8.00pm

Where: OXO2, Level Two, Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, Southbank, London, SE1 9PH

Cost: Free 

Extra Info: Total £7,000 prize pool! -


11. Intel Buzz Workshop

What: Tackling the biggest challenges in Game Development is a one day only event with the focus on bringing together local game developer communities. This is great opportunity to feature your own game in Intel’s Developer showcase, plus a wide range of debates, technical sessions and the chance to network.

When: April 8th from 10am – 1pm 

Where: 8 Fenchurch Place, Fenchurch Street, London, 

Cost: Free 

Extra Info:  You need to book your free ticket for this one! -


12. Ixaris – Open Payments Hack

What: This 48 hour challenge is about being part of the future of open payments, making them commercially available to businesses large or small, online, on mobile or on tablet.  You will be provided with the toolkit, APIs and framework you need that allows developers the ability to create the next generation of commercial payment applications.

When: April 7th - 9th

 Where: Huckletree Shoreditch, 18 Finsbury Square, London, EC2A 1AH

Cost: Free

Extra Info: You need to register for this event. There is up to £8,000 in prize money to be one across 3 categories; best overall solution, best technical solution and best pitch! -

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