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Tag management is a simple yet effective way for both Web Analysts and Digital Marketers to gain invaluable data for customer insight, user behaviour and marketing campaign success. As a necessary implementation for businesses, choosing the right Tag Management software is crucial. Our Data and Insight specialist Gina Owen, explores some of the top players as we continue in to 2017.

Google Tag Manager

To kick things off we are starting with Google Tag Manager; its user-friendly functionality (and price tag) has contributed massively to its success, with the added advantage of working in tandem with Google Analytics. Google Tag Manager has been described as making tag management ‘mainstream’, but with so many other users available on the web there are so many places to find useful tips and tricks. One of the downsides to the platform is that often, unlike Tealium or Piwik Pro, Google Tag isn’t recommended for data sensitive companies’ e.g. Banking, Finance or Telecoms.

Price: Free

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Tealium is described as ‘the enterprise’ tag management system with highly rated support, training and a community platform. The organisation of tags and its array of functions for all users, allows marketers to manage their own tagging requirements without any software development. The downside is that Tealium has been criticized for the lack of supported variables compared to that of Google Tag Manager.

Price: 30 day free trial, monthly payments are calculated thereafter dependant on traffic

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Dynamic Tag Manager (previously Satellite)

Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager has been praised for its simplified coding process, easy to use interface and the management of web analytics tags, allowing you to collect data and react in real time. Dynamic Tag manager is free with the Adobe Marketing Cloud. One of its criticisms when compared to GMT is the fact it’s not the easiest to use and it is not free for all.

Price: Free for Adobe Marketing Cloud Users only

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Piwik Pro

Piwik Pro describes it’s offering as ‘liberating analytics’. Its emphasis and sell versus Google Tag Manager is that it is a self hosted platform, meaning you don’t need Google hosting. Piwik also boasts 100% data privacy and although reviews have shown that consumers seem to prefer Tag Manager, Piwik are keeping firmly on the tail of its competitors.

Price: 30 day free trial, monthly payments calculated are thereafter dependant on traffic

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Quibit describes itself as the most flexible tag management system on the market. It’s particularly useful if you want to run onsite testing but don't want to implement all analytics onsite. Reviews tell us the majority of users implementing Quibit are doing so primarily for A/B testing. Quibit has also been praised for their excellent support teams and customer service offering.

Price: Free up to 1M page views per month

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